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CK Elite’s guide on what to eat and how to get the best out of your health and nutrition.

Healthy Protein Bars


No matter whether you’re getting it from a nice juicy steak or some lightly fried tofu, everyone needs protein in their diet.

Blog about Poo


I spend a lot of time at CK Elite talking about what you should be putting in your body. But I spend hardly any time at all talking about what comes out.

Take On The CK Elite Calorie Quiz!

Whether you’re looking to shed the pounds, improve your diet or just tone up, counting your calories is a great way to make sure you’re not overdoing it in the kitchen. But how much do you actually know about burning off the energy your diet provides? Tackle these 10 tricky CK Elite questions to find out...

Nutrition Quiz

Take on the CK Elite Nutrition Quiz!

How well balanced is your diet? Do you know which vitamins and minerals you need, and why? Would you know...

Winter Superfood

8 Winter Superfoods You Need to Eat in 2017

Winter may be cold, dark and bleak, but it’s peak season for some of our most powerful produce: winter superfood....

Healthy Winter Warmer

Healthy Winter Warmers

Healthy Winter Warmer Meal Recipes Now that Christmas is rolling in fast, I know that my body is craving more...

5 tips to beat the winter blues

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

So the winter is rolling on in, and before you know it Christmas will be here. Who feels like they...

The Most Over looked Fat Burner

Burning and losing fat When thinking about getting leaner or losing body fat, the first thing most people think of...

Eating Raw, is this healthy or just hype?

So, who’s heard this old statement about eating vegetables raw? “You’ve got to eat all your vegetables raw!, it’s the only...

Eat Breakfast Lose Weight

Does Eating Breakfast Help with Weight Loss?

Does eating help with weight loss or make you put on more weight? Many people believe that eating breakfast is the answer but is this correct?

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