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Madness Blog

Method to the apparent madness

It all still felt very new, and was still far outside of my comfort zone, but I still felt like I was getting better at it…


I felt like I was getting away lightly

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, life just gets in the way. This morning when I turned up at Chris’ studio, I wasn’t feeling too great. Put another way, I was hungover.

Dreaded DOMS

Swinging my legs out of bed was like moving two planks of wood.

Keep up with the progress of CK Elite's guest blogger as he starts to step up his training. This time he's introduced to the dreaded DOMS.

Making Progress with CK Elite | Guest Blog

Catch up with the progress our guest blogger has made. 'I was still worn out by the end of it, but I could tell how much I’d come on'.

Guest Blog

Going for a nice easy run, or so I thought. Diary of a CK Elite Client

This week, Chris explained that we were going to do something a little different—and compared to last week’s boxing and bear crawls, it seemed like we were going to do something that, on paper at least, sounded easy enough. We were going to go for a run.

Guest Blog 3


“Have you even thrown a punch?” Chris asked at the start of this week’s session. “Errr…” I could vaguely remember getting into a fight with my brother sometime when we kids, but that was two decades ago. “…no?”

Guest Blog


Last week, with CK Elite had shown what I could and couldn’t do. This week, was my turn to be shown that I could do a lot more than I thought I could.

Gust Blog Part 1

Guest Blog: Diary of a CK Elite Client, Part 1

I parked up outside the CK Elite gym not quite knowing what to expect. I’d been a member of a gym on and off for a couple of years, but having never had a personal trainer or any kind of training session before, I wasn’t sure quite what I’d let myself in for…

Get in Shape with CK Elite

So You’ve Decided To Get In Shape. Now What?

With the summer finally here chances are you might be looking to get in shape, tone up, or just lose...

New Year's Resolutions

Why New Year’s Resolutions SUCK

Okay, so we are coming to the end of the “Kickstart 2017” January craze.  Pretty much everyone has started the...

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