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Guest Blog: Diary of a CK Elite Client, Part 1

We asked one of our new clients to document their experience with CK Elite

Part 1

I parked up outside the CK Elite gym not quite knowing what to expect. I’d been a member of a gym on and off for a couple of years, but having never had a personal trainer or any kind of training session before, I wasn’t sure quite what I’d let myself in for…

Any nerves or apprehension was soon gone, however: Chris immediately put me at ease, making my very first session encouraging, informative and—probably most important of all—enjoyable. Stupidly, I hadn’t asked him what I needed to bring, so I had brought a towel, a hoodie and a full water bottle all bundled up in a tatty old sports bag. Had I asked him, he’d have made it clear: he had everything I’d need to hand. All I needed to bring was myself.

First up were the stats. A set of specialized scales were used to measure everything from the everyday basics (body weight, BMI) to the more complex facts and figures (bone density, muscle mass, metabolic age). Happily, Chris made what could easily be mindboggling eminently clear, pointing out all the positives among the negatives, noting all the areas we could look to improve, and outlining what we could look to achieve going forward. This being a private session—with a PT as energetic and as encouraging as Chris, for that matter—there was no sense of embarrassment or self-consciousness, no worrisome comparisons with other people, no wondering what others might think. This was just a few boxes being ticked before we could get started.



Stats, stretches and a quick warm up done, next came the session. Thankfully my fear that Chris would have me running a four-minute mile around his gym with a weighted belt attached to every limb the moment I walked through the door was misguided. More than anything else, this initial session was still an assessment—of my current state of health (not good, but not as bad as I thought), of my current level of fitness (strong in some areas, shockingly weak in others), and of what I could and couldn’t comfortably do (who knew stretching your calves without lifting your heels from the ground was so bloody hard?).

Chris needed to know my limits and my abilities so that this and all other sessions going forward could be tailored to me, and kept just the right side of challenging. He introduced and demonstrated everything we did, making sure that I knew what I was doing, why I was doing it, and, if there were any problems, how I could improve and look to stave off injury.

Dog Excising

Session over, and after a quick debrief and a cool down I was done. I left feeling motivated and better informed—and looking forward to my next one.

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