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We asked one of our new clients to document their experience with CK Elite

Part 2

Last week, my first session with Chris had shown him just how fit I was, and precisely what I could and couldn’t do. This week, it was my turn to be shown that I could do a lot more than I thought I could.

This was a body circuit session: Chris had devised a series of eighteen individual exercises that we were going to run through without in order, without stopping: 20 seconds of each, with a 20 second jog in between. A quick bit of mental arithmetic and I figured out eighteen 20-second exercises and eighteen 20-second jogs would take me 720 seconds—or exactly 12 minutes. Surely even I could do 12 minutes of exercise…?

A quick warm up and a catch up with Chris and we were ready to go. The clock started ticking.

While I ran and kept my body moving and my heart rate up, Chris was down on the mat demonstrating the first exercise on the list—push ups. A beep on the clock and we switched places: I was to fit in as many push ups as I could in these first 20 seconds, with Chris by my side encouraging me all the way. A second beep on the clock, and I was up and running again, while he was down demonstrating exercise number two.


As the exercises became more complicated and less familiar (burpees, hip extensions and mountain climbers were all but new to me), I soon realised just how useful having a PT there with me was, especially for a beginner like me. Had I just stumbled across this list of exercises online or in a magazine, I would’ve likely spent as much time Googling how to do each one properly as I would actually doing it—and even then I’d have no idea whether what I thought was correct was actually right. But having Chris there the entire time not only meant I had a constant source of encouragement and focus throughout, but that I had an endlessly knowledgeable resource by my side to keep me right. If my legs weren’t bent enough, if my shoulders weren’t held forward enough, if my back wasn’t kept straight enough, Chris was there each time to correct my posture, ensuring that I got the best workout possible from each exercise without injuring myself—or, for that matter, making it too easy for myself.

All eighteen exercises done, it was time for a break and a much-needed gulp of water. Chris and I discussed how hard I felt I’d pushed myself, and—this being a full-body workout—what I’d found easy and what I’d found difficult. Then it was time for round 2: the same eighteen exercises, the same 20-second intervals, but this time I was to push harder than I thought I could.

Chris started the clock. Another 12 minutes later, my legs were like jelly. My head was spinning. My arms were shaking as I picked up a glass of water. But again, the undeniable importance of having a PT by my side now seemed obvious.

“Try to fit in two more,” Chris had said during one of the 20-second sets as the timer ticked down to zero. Had he not been there, rather than push myself to complete a full set I’d likely have given up, collapsed onto the mat, and waited for the timer to run out, presuming (wrongly) that I’d worked myself as hard as possible.

Instead, with Chris’ knowledge and encouragement, I felt for the first time that I had really pushed myself as far as I could in a gym. And despite the exhaustion, for some inexplicable reason I had really enjoyed it.

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