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Making Progress with CK Elite | Guest Blog


So. Five weeks in, it was time to find out how I was getting on.

On my first session with Chris, he’d taken a full assessment of everything from my body fat percentage to how hydrated I was, and from my bone density to the kinds of measurements you only ever have taken when you’re being fitted for a suit. But after a month of weekly sessions, it was time to find out how things were going.

Happily, everything was heading in the right direction. My body fat percentage was down, as were all the rounder body measurements and my metabolic age—somehow my body seems to be stuck somewhere in the early 2000s.

I was better hydrated. My heart was healthier. But my percentage muscle mass was down slightly too, a result of my diet being a little light on protein, and these early sessions having been focused more on calorie-burning cardio and endurance work rather than muscle-building resistance exercises. To make sure I was giving my body everything I needed, Chris recommended I keep a food diary for a week that he could check over and see if I was staying on track. (I warned him in advance that the stag do I had coming up at the weekend likely wouldn’t end up looking good on paper…)

With some reassuring news behind us, it was time for the session proper. But just because things were heading in the right direction didn’t mean that I was getting off lightly.

After revisiting my body stats, it was time to revisit the HIIT body circuit we’d done in my second week at CK Elite. 18 exercises, 20 seconds of each, with 20 seconds of jogging from one end of the gym to the other in between. The circuit had been hard then. It was hard now. But by revisiting the same set of exercises a second time, Chris and I could tell physically—not just on paper—that I was actually getting a better at all this.



I was jogging faster. I wasn’t getting out of breath as quickly. I think I managed more push-ups, more crunches and more burpees than last time. The stretches and extensions were easier. The planks were easier to hold. The opposite-leg push-ups were still a disaster, but that was more to do with the fact that I can’t coordinate my left and right to save my life. (No wonder I can’t parallel park). But on the whole everything was just that little bit better. And it felt it too.


I was still worn out by the end of it all of  course, but by repeating the session I could tell how much I’d come on, even in just a few weeks. And as exhausting as it all still was, I really enjoyed it. Just don’t tell Chris that or he’ll have me doing those opposite-leg things every week…

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