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Dining Out Dos and Don’ts

Healthy Dining Out

Choices Can be Achieved

How do you achieve healthy dining out? At home you are in control of what you eat but eating out is a very different matter.  Well it shouldn’t be.  You are in control no matter the situation; in the restaurant, cafe, services.  There is always an option to make sure you are getting the very best for your body.

A few healthy rules

If you can stick to a couple of healthy simple rules then going out shouldn’t be anything more than a good night and a good treat for yourself.  One major tip I always give to my clients is, always research the place you are going to first.

When the girls plan a catch up at the weekend, just find out about the place, have a look online at the menu and then you know without stressing what you can have and how to add these simple rules.

This allows you to make sure you get the best out of that night and you can enjoy yourself without the stress.

Portion Size

More than likely, the culprit is portion size—so ask if a dish can be halved or check to see if a lunch portion is available. In general, stick to grilled, baked, or steamed dishes over fried. Choose leaner proteins such as chicken, fish, or sirloin steak, and load up on the veggies.

Here is a list of healthier options just to help you out and think about a healthier night;

Indian food


Try to go for the lower fat and high protein options; chicken tikka, tandoori, dhansak or pathia. Chose boiled rice rather than pilau rice and keep well away from korma, dupiaza, massala, biriani, chips, nan breads and popadoms. Why not share a meal. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Mexican food


Try the char grilled dishes such as Cajun spiced fish or chicken and salad.  Go for more wraps and less / no cheese.

Chinese food


Try chicken, seafood, chop suey, plain boiled rice, seasonal vegetables, steamed dishes and stir-fried mushrooms. Stay clear of spring rolls, prawn crackers, special fried rice, sweet and sour dishes and duck.

Italian food


This can be were the potion size can be massively controlled.  When it comes to Pasta, only eat as much as a handful.  This will limit your Carbs and you won’t get that bloating feeling.  Select a lean meat dish with vegetables and mixed salad. Ask for your food to be grilled, steamed, poached, baked or boiled. If selecting a pasta dish ask for a chicken pasta dish. Ask for your salad to be served naked and remove visible fat from your meat.  Replace creamy pasta sauce dishes with a tomato based sauce.

Pub meals


Try a grilled lean meat or chicken dish with salad and steamed vegetables. Swap chips with vegetables and keep away from the bread rolls.



If you must have a dessert, opt for fruit salad or a plain summer pudding with low fat yogurt or cream. Stay clear of fresh cream, cakes and ice cream.

It’s as simple as that guys

Healthy dining out can be achieved. Don’t complete something that doesn’t need to be completed.  Keep it simple and you will still enjoy keeping healthy and losing weight.  Don’t be the one saying they can’t come out because you’re on a “diet”.


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