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Gold Package


Gold Package

The Gold Package is our Elite package, intentionally designed for those who are serious about achieving real changes in their fitness and lifestyle. It offers the best chance of achieving truly amazing results.

The package comprises an initial comprehensive assessment of your current level of fitness, and a thorough discussion of what you are looking to achieve. Based on this initial assessment, CK Elite will then devise a unique, week-by-week personalised program of exercise and nutrition that will help you reach your goals quickly and healthily. Your progress throughout the Gold Package will be tracked by your trainer using top-of-the-range health equipment, monitoring body fat percentage and total body water percentage.

As our more comprehensive package, the Gold Package can only be booked for a minimum of two months, based on a minimum of four sessions with your personal trainer per week, ensuring that you remain fully motivated throughout the whole program. 

To find out more and to inquire about pricing and any current special offers, fill in the contact form below and CK Elite will get in touch.