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Paul’s Testimonial

I’ve been training with Chris for six months or so now, and I’m now fitter, healthier and happier than I have been for years. I’ve learned so much about diet and exercise along the way, and with Chris’s help I feel like I’ve reached a stage where exercising is a big part of my weekly routine. When I’ve joined gyms in the past I’ve always tended get bored quickly and lose interest after a few weeks, but with Chris on my side things have been different. He has made every weekly session feel new and more challenging than the last, and has always been keen to show me how I’ve improved or moved on from previous weeks (even if I’ve felt like I haven’t…). He is a source of endless advice and encouragement, and as a result has managed to keep me interested and engaged throughout this entire process. I’ve left each of his sessions feeling energised and motivated to keep going, no matter what.


For someone like me who has never been particularly sporty or athletic, starting a series of classes with a personal trainer could have been daunting or demoralizing. But my sessions at CK Elite have never been anything of the sort thanks to Chris’s enthusiasm and his obvious interest in making sure you get the most out of your time and effort. I never thought I’d become someone who genuinely feels like they’ve missed out if they’re not able to attend a PT session or find the time to work out on my own at the gym but I have – and that would certainly never have happened without Chris’s help, his positive attitude, his expertise, and his clear passion for what he does.


He has kept me on track all this time, and in the short few months that I’ve been training with him he has changed my entire outlook on health and fitness. Training with Chris and CK Elite is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable, challenging and motivating things I’ve ever done.

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