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Core Workout for Beginners

Get your six pack abs ready with this core workout

Give this quick, easy core workout circuit a go.

It only takes a few minutes and so it can be done when you don’t have much time. It’s perfect for before you go to work. Get your six pack ready for summer.

The routine consists of 9 different core exercises that you must repeat 10 times before moving on to the next exercise. Make sure you move straight on to the next exercise, no recovery time between the, Once you have completed all of the exercises give yourself one minute to recover and then repeat the whole routine, do this in total 3 times.

Watch Chris Kirk from CK Elite completing the routine and follow along at home.

Here are the core workout exercises

All of these exercises are crunch exercises

  1. Feet tucked up X 10 (feet tucked up to your bum)
  2. Legs down straight X 10 (keep your legs flat)
  3. Left leg up at 45 degrees X 10 (keep that leg still)
  4. Right leg up at 45 degrees X 10 (keep that leg still)
  5. Right leg crossed X 10
  6. Left leg crossed X 10
  7. Legs in splits X 10
  8. Knees up at 45 degrees X 10
  9. Cycle twist X 10


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