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3 of My Easiest and Fastest New Year Exercises

Christmas has been and gone, it’s the New Year.

You’ve seen the New Year in.  You’ve been out for your work Christmas do,  you’ve been sociable with your friends, and you’ve even indulged in more treats than normal. Who doesn’t begin to feel guilty when they let their gym routine slip? I know I do. During the festive period, it’s all about trying to find the time to go to the gym, while balancing your social life.

So I’ve got three amazing exercises for you that are so simple you don’t even need to go to the gym. You can do them in your living room on a night while you get back into that working life, or in your bedroom when you first jump out of bed in the morning.  A great way to wake up the body and stimulate the mind ready to get back to work.


What are these exercises?

These exercises are great, because they’re what we call compound exercises. But what exactly does that mean?

Well, you probably already do compound exercises without realising it. Compound exercises are those that recruit multiple muscle groups. Whereas their opposite—isolation exercises, like bicep curls—concentrate on just one muscle group.

So compound exercises are great, both in the gym and at home, for working off those extra Kcals you took on board the other night at the work Christmas party!

What’s more, because we’re looking at getting these exercises done and dusted FAST compound exercises have the upper hand. I know I have my clients do them, as they burn a massive amount calories really quickly—one of the reasons why they’re used in most strength training workouts too.

Squat Jumps

This is a great exercise that will tire you out very quickly. You’re recruiting major muscle groups in your legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings) and upper body (core, arms) here. Check out the video to see how to do these correctly without hurting yourself or causing an injury.

Mountain Climbers

Check out the video to see how you can do your mountain climbers. Another brilliant exercise that’s going to burn a massive amount of calories fast. Even if you can’t get your hands all the way to the floor to do these, use this as a challenge over the New Year period to gradually push yourself until you can.  The lower you go, the harder your heart has to work pumping blood all around the body, while at the same time you’re holding your full body weight up and working your upper body and abs.

Lunge Jumps

This one is not for the fainthearted, as this exercise will keep your legs burning and heart rate elevated a long time after you’re finish! Try to jump as high as you can throughout. But if you really want to make things tough, try holding a light set of dumbbells too as you churn these out…

These are some really useful exercises that don’t require that much thinking, and are fast and easy enough to fit in anytime. Start smashing these out now—you’ll burn off those festive period calories in no time. YAY!!!!


How to get more out of them

Look at putting these exercises into a H.I.I.T. circuit for maximum bang for your buck: I would look at 30 secs on, 10/15 secs off, repeated 10 times. But if you’re really pushed for time, try focusing on just one exercise but rep out as many as you can inside a minute.

Enjoy, and a Happy New Year from CKElite!

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