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Why New Year’s Resolutions SUCK

Okay, so we are coming to the end of the “Kickstart 2017” January craze.  Pretty much everyone has started the year with New Year’s resolutions. We’ll all have our plans in place for what we would like to achieve for 2017. Most of us will have made a choice based around our fitness or nutrition.

Whether that’s a “dry January” or a just healthier diet and a more active lifestyle. I know most of us will be looking to shift that Christmas pud. Even the television has been trying to help you with your resolutions by putting out healthy eating programmes every night of the week this month.

Who has been to the gym this January and seen EVERYONE in there—it’s crazy! Every single cardio machine taken up with people just walking and watching TV as part of their resolutions. Riding bikes while doing a suduko. Chatting to friends while walking on a stepper. Even the free weights will be taken up by people sitting on a bench taking a resolutions #NewYearselfie. “Amazing first week gainZ.” “Week 2: working hard…” But after 30 minutes of making sure they have the picture just right, they’ve actually only done two sets of one exercise, and not even broken a sweat.

HELLO…?! What are you actually getting out of that one-hour plod?! If you can chat, watch TV or play games while using a cardio machine, you aren’t working hard enough to shift those extra pounds you gained over Christmas.

But guess what—by now, they will all be dropping off, and the gym will likely be back to normal come February. All those who kicked it hard with their resolutions for the first couple of weeks of the year will by now be full of DOMS (delayed onset of muscles soreness) because they went from doing nothing to 110%. Others will have lost interest in their resolutions, and found that spending an hour in the gym doing nothing is boring. Others will have dropped out because their friend who promised to train with them has given up too, and they can’t possibly continue on their own…

By the end of January, all the excuses start to come out. After that, there is only the really dedicated ones left to see it through—and here’s why

New Year’s resolutions SUCK. They are unachievable from the get go.

By and large, resolutions always have us moving away from something undesirable—like being overweight, smoking, or being in debt. Instead, they should be focused on moving towards something we want—like being a healthy weight, being able to deal with stress, or being debt free. Good, achievable goals are always set in the positive, moving you towards becoming something you want to become, not away from something you no longer want to be.

This is why having a personal trainer on side can make a big difference. We can help set these achievable goals for you, and keep you on the positive path moving forward. A good trainer will spend time making sure your goals are in place, and that you’re constantly heading in the right direction. They’ll be able to keep you focused, and not get put off by not seeing results straight away. Step by step, they’ll help you on your way so that eventually you won’t even realise you’ve smashed the goals you set yourself!

So rather than giving yourself an unachievable New Year’s resolution and quickly losing interest in the first few weeks of the year, how about you just make small changes, week on week, gradually building up to an end goal, 4–6 months down the line? Remember CK Elite’s motto, “Your Passport to Personal Wellbeing”: you’re looking to make a lifestyle change for the sustainable future.

So here’s to the NEW YOU! Enjoy 2017. Embrace everything the year throws at you. Remain positive. Focus on your goals. And treat each and every step as a step forward—you wont get anywhere without that first step.

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