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Is There a Right Way to Drink Sports Drinks?

Sports Drinks

It’s hard not to walk into a gym or a sporting event these days and see sports drinks like Red Bull, Lucozade or Powerade.

Originally, these drinks were designed for serious athletes midway through sweaty, sodium-depleting competition, but now they’re sold just as high-calorie, sodium-laden beverages, often to fairly sedentary people. So when should you drink a sports drink?

There are two potential scenarios.

Energy Drinks

Scenario One

Firstly, when dehydration is a risk. If you’re running a marathon, doing a triathlon, CrossFitting all day—or just spending an afternoon gardening in the heat—a sports drink can provide you with the electrolytes and fluids you need to stop your muscles from cramping, and give you plenty of sugar to keep you from feeling faint.

Scenario Two

Secondly, when you need a quick energy kick. Say you’ve just pulled into the car park of your local gym and it suddenly dawns on you that you haven’t eaten in five hours—at that point, drinking a sports drink to give you the boost you need to get through your normal exercise routine is obviously more beneficial than going home without having done any physical activity at all.

Should you drink Sports Drinks?

If you don’t fall into one of these two categories, however, the excess sugar and salts in sports drinks will not be doing your waistline, your blood pressure, or your risk of diabetes any favours. This really is marketing at its best—getting the average person to presume they need this energy kick every time they do any sort of exercise.

But I always advise my clients to avoid these at all cost regardless. There are plenty of healthier ways to replenish the body.

So what should I drink?

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