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So You’ve Decided To Get In Shape. Now What?

With the summer finally here chances are you might be looking to get in shape, tone up, or just lose some excess weight in time for your holidays. If you’ve done this kind of thing before, you might just need to get your trainers back on or restart your gym membership to get yourself back on track. But if you’re an absolute beginner, getting started with a new healthy lifestyle can be daunting.

So from getting sorted with the right clothing to what to expect in your first session with a personal trainer, here’s CKElite’s top tips for absolute beginners.


It might not seem like it, but just making the decision to get in shape means you’re off to the best start! But it’s important to get yourself into a healthy routine before that motivation wears off—and it’s just as important to keep yourself motivated once you’re on the right track.

A good way to start is to try setting yourself a few goals before you begin. Maybe it’s a weight you want to reach by a certain date. Maybe it’s being able to comfortably run a mile before the month is up. Maybe it’s a new pair of jeans with a waist a few inches smaller than your current pair. Whatever your goal might be, keeping your eyes on a prize will help keep you focused while you get used to your new lifestyle. But remember…


Setting goals for yourself is one thing, but make sure they’re achievable—so losing two stone in a week or running a marathon by the end of the month are both out!

Picking a goal that’s beyond expectations will just end up demoralizing you when you don’t reach it, and lead to you abandoning your health kick before it’s even begun. So be realistic with what you want to achieve. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get there.

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No matter what your goals are though, it’s important to get off to the right start. And how you can best get yourself started will depend on your current level of fitness.

If your activity level at the minute is in the low to non-existent bracket, then getting out for an hour or so’s walk each evening will be enough to get your heart pumping, your muscles working, and your health kick started. If you’ve a more active lifestyle, then going for a jog, joining a gym or booking some sessions with a personal trainer might be a better and more challenging first step. Either way, it’s important to listen to your body in these early days: if your current exercise regime involves walking to the car each morning and each evening after work, then suddenly trying to run a 5k or a 7 minute mile three times a week will likely end up doing more harm than good. But if you’ve any concerns at all …


With any lifestyle change, it’s always worth getting advice from people in the know before you start and once you get settled into a routine. And the bigger the change, the more important the advice will be.

Never done any exercise before? Looking to lose quite a bite of weight? Have a chat with your GP first to make sure you’re not ignoring any underlying health problems or nutritional imbalances. Once you’re up and running—or if you’re feeling active or confident enough to get started right away—having a chat with the staff in your local gym or booking some sessions with a PT will make sure you don’t start off too fast or risk injuring yourself.

Here at CKElite, we use your first session to assess your current level of health, and work out a diet and exercise plan to best suit your needs. A good PT will always push you beyond what you thought you were capable of, but not so far that you injure yourself and end you health kick before it’s begun.


If you’ve never set foot in a gym, even the little things can seem daunting when you’re just starting out—right down to what’s best to wear.

Fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, shorts and shirts with dry fit technology, trainers with inserts and aerated soles—the sports and fitness clothing market is enormous, and can be bewildering if you’re an absolute beginner. But the bottom line here is just to wear what you’re comfortable in. Nothing too tight, nothing too loose. You want to be able to move, but feel supported where you need it. Shop around, and ask for advice either from your PT or from the staff in your local sports shop if you’re unclear what’s best for your—but whatever you end up wearing…

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Walking into your first PT session—or walking into a gym for the first time surrounded by people who know what they’re doing—can be intimidating, but try not to feel self-conscious. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone will have had their first day in the gym at one point. The fact that you’re there, no matter how nervous or awkward you might feel, puts you strides ahead of everyone who isn’t choosing to do anything about their health. And getting your first day out of the way and knowing that you’re already working on your new lifestyle will boost your confidence no end. And remember:

…you just need to do it!

Don’t expect too much from yourself in your first few sessions, and don’t get downhearted if you don’t see results straight away. The fact that you’re doing something more than you were a day, a week, or a month earlier is good enough when you’re just starting out. Just keep yourself focused and motivated and your new lifestyle will soon become the new you!

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